Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Talk about failure....sheesh!! Ok, so I never once drank 3 of my water bottles. That being said, I have been drinking more and haven't had any soda since my blog post. As far as my goal list goes....well...homework got done and I almost saw the bottom of the laundry basket. I did accomplish a few things...but the big ones...going to the department of human resources....not so much.
Right now my goal is simply to make it through until I graduate. Of course, after I manage that, I will have another year before I get my master's in education. I haven't been on any walks because I have been tooo slammed tired..depressed and craving those pain pills....oh yea...another goal I don't think I mentioned.....get rid of this horrid addiction. Easier said than done.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am not a grown up

I have come to the realization lately that I am not a grown-up. I am going through the motions. I still want to sit at the kid's table, even though I have one of my own now. My life has been spiraling out of control and this blog is going to be my outlet and my aid. Here I will find accountability with myself and the other two people who may or may not stumble upon this blog. I will post my goals, my triumphs, my drama, my failures. I will post my to-do lists here and watch as they grow and twindle-as lists do in the adult world. I will post at least one picture with each blog post-regardless of its relevancy to the topic at hand. I will keep track of my quest for better health and my quest to become a teacher and the quest to become the best mom I can be to my daughter, Sydney.

My goals for next week, May 17th and the chaotic 6 days that will come after it:
I am going to start small:

I am going to drink water, 3 of my water bottles full each day.
Empty the laundry basket-as in wash and put away the entire thing.

My to-do list for this next week:
Short Story homework
Film class homework
Contemp lit class homework
Spanish homework
Mail out fingerprint form for the Oregon Department of Education
Go to the Department of Human Resources and pick up needed paperwork
Fill out said paperwork
See advisor at school about my DARS report so I can graduate next month
Go to Genesis Process class on Monday night
Dentist apt. Monday morning
Fill out paperwork for Tuesday to take to Sydney's daycare
Counseling apt Friday at 9

My beautiful little girl-Sydney, 3 years old.